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The Asada Medical Corporation has opened a long-awaited second clinic, “Komorie”, in front of the Hiroshima Station. The first, Asada Psychosomatic Clinic in Yano is developing as a multifunctional facility to meet the various needs of patients from children to elderly living in the local community, while maintaining the expertise of the Asada Hospital for half a century and focusing on child adolescent medical care and welfare services.

On the other hand, the “Komorie”, which is located in the center of urban areas, responds to the needs of a wide range of age groups including adolescence and moreover, provides counseling for mothers and infants suffering mental and developmental problems. We would like to provide comprehensive treatment through the formation of a network of specialized multidisciplinary and multi-facility teams in this region.

Chairman Mamoru Asada

Our approach

Our hospital is a clinic that offers pharmacotherapy and psychotherapeutic intervention ranging from infants to adolescents, adults, the elderly, and people with a multicultural background. From infants to the elderly and people with multicultural backgrounds, we offer flexible engagement from a life cycle perspective.

1. Individualized treatment
We will talk with patients and their families thoroughly and provide necessary medical care according to the situation of each patient.

2. Well-balanced treatment
We will provide the most appropriate medical treatment with psychosocial interventions while keeping the amount of medicines to a minimum and listening to the needs of the patient and his/her family.

3. Early intervention is recommended
Generally, by finding the mental illness early and starting treatment, we can prevent the deterioration, chronicity and social withdrawal of the illness. We recommend starting treatment as early as possible.

4. Well-trained doctor
Our doctors have been trained well under various academic and clinical associations, and qualified as specialties in a wide variety of treatment.

5. Various programs
We are preparing various programs such as psychotherapy and group therapy.

Policy of Asada Medical Corporation

【Basic identity】

We wish our clinic to be a place for healing our patients and helping the growth of their minds, as if we were the forest of the beech.

【High specialty】

The Asada mental clinic aims at the specialized institution for child and adult psychiatry and psychiatric rehabilitation.


The Asada mental clinic values communication skills to touch human mind such as counseling or group care.

【Response to the needs of community】

The Asada mental clinic pushes forward being open to the community, makes tight connection with the region and supports independence of each patient’s life.

【Being sensitive to patient’s mind through team approach】

All the staffs are therapists who listen to, understand and supporting the patients with sufferings. The staffs make continuous effort to feel and think about the ideal figure of health care service.


〔Consultations in English〕
We will treat with children who grow in foreign countries, foreign residents in Japan, and patients with multi-cultural background. The director can have a medical examination in English, but at the time of an inquiry or the first medical examination, we recommend you to come along with someone who can speak in Japanese if possible.

Office hours

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This hospital is closed on Tuesdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please be careful.

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